"All Azores" route
Sailing to the Azores islands

Yacht-tour on the "All Azores" route

All islands along the route have their own unique beauty. Elegant Terceira, with beautiful architecture and endless holidays and festivals. Populated São Miguel with amazing lakes, hot springs in the land and even the ocean. Santa Maria, the sand of which has already become yellow (this is the oldest island of the archipelago). Hospitable Faial with black rocks covered with luxuriant hydrangeas. Romantic Flores, which hides pirate treasures.
Cost without additional costs for stays, fuel and provisions. Additional costs will count around 100 euros.
10 days
Duration of a trip. The starting and ending place of the journey is on the island of Terceira.
Complicated level
Experienced yachtsmen will enjoy this sea route. The duration of the transition is 4-24 hours. Summary distance is 680 NM (1225 км).


Climb deep into the volcano and find there is a clear lake. Admire the architecture of the streets of the capital, preserved since the founding of the city.
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São Miguel
We wil fall in love with the fabulous beauty of the island with sandy beaches, peaks, shrouded in clouds, an incredible beauty of lakes, green hills.
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Santa Maria
We will watch the sunsets from the beach of Praia Formosa and take a look at the chapel that remembers Christopher Columbus himself.
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Visit the famous bar of yachtsmen and appreciate the stunning landscape and the beauty of the "blue island".
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We will contemplate the beauty of waterfalls and flowers, enjoy while looking at the playful dolphins.
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And after a sea trip, it is so nice to relax in the black volcanic sand of Terceira's beaches for a few more days ...
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Travel cost

See what is included in the price and
what is related to the extra cost.
The basic package includes:
  • Accommodation and travel on a yacht
  • Skipper Services
  • One place in a double cabin
  • Linens
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Dinghy with outboard motor
  • Cooking gas
  • Water
Ship cashbox ≈€100:
  • Ship cashbox for common expences
  • Stays in marinas
  • Fuel
  • Provisions
Personal expenses:
  • Flight tickets
  • Registration Schengen visas
  • Insurance marked active vacation
  • Catering in cafes/restaurants
  • Island Transfers
  • Excursions

Personal belongings

Thermal underwear. Synthetic T-shirts and pants / shorts. Bike fleece. Membrane jacket. Headdress.
Shoes for the ship (white sole) and shoes for comfortable walking along the routes of the island.
Hiking backpack (60-90 liters) or sports bag. Bags for clothes and hygiene items. We do not recommend using a suitcase.
Passport. Money/Credit Card.
Insurance marked active vacation.
First Aid Kit
Sunscreen. Remedies for motion sickness. Personal medication.
Toothbrush and paste, razor.
Flight search
It is important to understand that the Azores archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, and the Azores anticyclone controls the weather in this region. Therefore, a specific route is selected based on weather conditions just before the exit. Due to the successful location of the base of Yacht.Azores on the island Terceira (the central group of the archipelago), under favorable weather conditions, we will visit 4 islands in 10 days and return to Terceira.
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